personal styling, personal shopping - Cashmere coat and hat designed by Nathalie Beurg - photo shoot styling by Senstyle at London's Criterion Restaurant

Looking your best starts with what you have right now. At Senstyle, we create a style that suits you, that makes the most of your looks, your shape and the clothes you already have. Our aim is not to give you an impractical makeover or radically change your image........ Instead, we look at how you dress and how you would like to look. Wardrobe planning and stylist advice is the first step toward making you look and feel confident. Confidence is attractive over and above any clothes and make-up - and no matter what you wear, confidence always shines through.

"Models are naturally confident about their looks, no matter what they wear. The rest of us must choose their clothes more carefully but dressed well, we can all look good," says Nathalie Beurg.

Our Wardrobe Planning and Stylist Advice service allows us to see how you dress - the colours and labels you choose. We discuss the image you like to project both socially and at work. Knowing your stregths and weaknesses as well as the looks you like means that choosing what to wear and buying clothes becomes easier - and more of a pleasure too. After one session, together we will know what to look for when shopping. We advise you on your overall image, colours, clothes combinations and how to style yourself for many occassions. We give you impartial advice on how to look great with the clothes you have as well as a prioritized shopping list of clothes and accessories to complement your wardrobe.

Wardrobe Planning and Stylist Advice takes around half a day and is done at your home. While it is a useful service in its own right, it is most often used as a preliminary step to Personal Shopping. "It's a bit like preparing for a photo shoot," says Nathalie, "you need to know what you have to work with before creating a style that works."

Wardrobe Planning and Stylist Advice costs £295

Choosing colours and fabrics to suit your personal style
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